The cable tv guy’s strategy: specialist proclaiming to work for Time Warner wire was advising all on Reddit

An individual proclaiming being a moment Warner cable tv specialist was spilling tricks on Reddit.

Moment Warner cable tv, the second-largest company of TV set and internet service in america, explained Quartz that it’s looking into the postings. “We’re incapable of check if the people is in fact a current or past personnel,” a spokesman believed.

Reddit cellphone owner cableguy_the launched an “Ask myself nothing” (AMA) line, publishing pics of his own identification marker and uniform as proposed proof of their work. His or her solutions to the points being available in are extremely honest. Below are some features (typos preserved).

On Comcast’s pending purchase time Warner cable tv:

We desire the merger because present group accountable is the worst type of in recent historical past. Many getting shot with unworkable measurements. Every one of the power has become provided to customer associates and stripped-down from your those who in fact look at the houses and restore dilemmas . It’s in pretty bad shape and also the business will be operated like stool IMHO [in my favorite humble thoughts].

To the hassle between technicians and customer service representatives:

Yea customer care associates and specialists happen to be combat a fighting that no one perceives. We loathe these people, they dislike us. They tell people the thing is the equipment if it rarely are. All of us inform clients to merely overlook just what guy in the mobile states because chances are high very high, he’s never wired a house, strung a drop or remedied cable tv.

On what’s actually wrong with the relationship:

Don’t think 50per cent of the particular representative regarding phone lets you know. Simply set up the technology. Try letting him or her run. He’s performed this before. The representative only addresses devices. It’s rarely the tools leading to the problems.

To the mystery to get much better support:

Whenever a computer happens ,ask for his own managers numbers. Tell him it is not to burn him or her but to turn a concern. He might label his own sup to make certain the cool but that can help.

On what’s stopping faster online download speeds:

Really, standard analog cable. It takes awake sooo a lot data transfer . 1 station per number vs bonding numerous frequencies to provide 8 channels for a downstream and 4 for an upstream . After we go 100% electronic tv.. net obtains much faster. Additionally obstruction. If you’re around a college it’s any outcome . Grandma would use this model 15 meg for e-mail and viewing but small Johnny college or university boy sucks in the data transfer useage in the region making use of netflix Springfield escort reviews and torrenting and gaming. But the two spend similar. IMHO what would mend this really is capping data and providing all uncapped increase.

On the reason why splitting their line link are a bad idea:

Investing in a splitter just to attenuate the signal certainly foolish most people have issues named attenuators which do this without introducing unnecessary splitter. However it’s true that too much alert is just as worst as lack of we refer to as that distortion

On whether this Reddit AMA will surely cost your his own task:

I might getting dismissed subject to just who captures myself. I would will also get a bonus their so difficult to share with aided by the means this company is presently designed.

About how Wi-Fi signs were unreliable, and can also become vanquished by entrances and rooms:

Certainly best shown. Plaster walls specially.Solid hardwood opportunities, getting into a garage after router is included in another carpet or the other way around. Wifi is definitely a fickle creature.

Your “broken” wire modem:

Yea we hear this a ton. I might say in a given seasons I would personally declare 5per cent of this modems I swapped happened to be actually faulty. We create most canine and pony tv series and merely change it anyway. The thing is always maybe not tools linked. Modems either function or these people dont. Undoubtedly therefore little around. They’re rather easy units. You will find series buyers making use of this computer everything performing okay, consequently alter back again to their products and all goes toward shit. They however need a fresh modem..Its insanity.


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