Our Vision

Each and every child entrusted to us is treasured, nurtured, and transformed. We strive to develop socially responsible, independent lifelong learners equipped with multidimensional skills, values, and integrity to positively impact and contribute as global citizens.
With the right and gracious combination of Indian and universal values, we believe helping every
Child to grow into a good human being. We enable them to develop lively, enquiring minds and the ability to question and discuss rationally and to apply themselves to realistic tasks and challenges.

SFC CONVENT is academically focused and globally-minded. We provide an exclusive platform to
the students where they balance a wealth of co-curricular opportunities with academic excellence to develop into aspirational thinkers. Our mission is to develop well-rounded and thoughtful students who can face any challenge of life and overcome it with a wonderful solutions.


We have trained, competent, enthusiastic, passionate, and vibrant faculty in SFC CONVENT. They are always ready to provide quality education with consistency and help the children to explore
through authentic learning opportunities.

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